Sensahub IoT Application Platform


IoT Applications Made Easy!

Build smart IoT applications faster and easier with Sensahub

Design your application

Build interactive IoT applications with Sensahub’s intuitive design and screen builder. Choose from a large library of  interactive and context relevant widgets to create rich visualisations such as maps, charts, forms and device control.


Transform your data

Connect to any available data source and transform your data into meaningful business information.  Sensahub Flow  powerful low-code drag and drop tools make it simple to implement complex formulaes and business logic. 

Enhance & Extend

Sensahub is highly customisable. Our flexible UI customisation, scripting tools, plugins and integration capabilities help you to meet any required use-case.  Enabling developers to build amazing solutions for your business 

Bring it Together

In just hours you can build rich and contextual applications to light up your IoT eco-system