Sensahub IoT Application Platform



Design highly customised and personalised web and mobile screens to actuate sensors, display current and historical status and integrate web services.


Take real-time raw data streams and transform into meaningful information by applying historical statistics, maths functions and triggers.


Leverage the Sensahub framework and APIs to extend core functionality to meet specific business requirements and scenarios.


Add Screens

Create multiple screens to partition and layout your application and orchestrate the flow of the users experience.

Drag and Drop Widgets

Choose from over 40 interactive and context relevant widgets to create rich visualisations such as maps, charts, forms and device control.

Configure Interactions

Widgets are building blocks that interact through events to build sophisticated user interactions, workflows and information summaries.

Connect to Data Streams

Connect widgets to real-time and historical data from devices, business systems and web services.

Enhance through JavaScript

Use JavaScript to extend behaviour, add business rules, and tailor to meet your specific requirements.

Optimise for Mobile

Build mobile specific screens to deliver an optimal field and on-the-go user experience.


Drag and drop flow designer

Visual designer to select processing functions from a toolbox, drag/drop onto the design surface and link to create data flow connections including branching and combining.


Transform raw data real time into actionable information by processing incoming data streams with a sequential flow programming model.

Configurable processing widgets

Processing widgets include time based aggregates (eg. Max, Min, averages), operators, conditional branching, alerts/triggers, thresholds, timers and parsing.

Virtual Sensors

Create ‘virtual sensors’ representing relevant business metrics from the outputs of processed raw data streams that can then be displayed, stored and processed like physical sensors.

Extend through JavaScript

No coding required for simple processing, or use JavaScript to build more complex rules and functions.


Sensahub is a fully integrated suite of services optimised for IoT use-cases using the best of Microsoft and Open Source technologies that make it reliable, scalable and easy to use.


Custom Widgets

Writing custom dashboard and flow widgets is easy using standard HTML/CSS/JS with templates that can be added to the Sensahub widget toolbox.


Extend the core functionality of Sensahub by writing extensions to leverage external services like analytics and machine learning


Connect with Sensahub native MQTT, REST, and Sockets integration or build custom plugins in C# or node.js to connect to disparate external systems and services.