Sensahub IoT Application Platform

Connect and transform anything.

Hook up your data streams, take action and deliver results.

Connect to any data source

Get your data into Sensahub in no time. Integrate your sensors and data sources securely and with ease. Stream data from a wide range of devices and web services.

Transform data into meaningful business information

Apply the magic and transform ambiguous raw data into insightful information by processing incoming data streams with a sequential flow programming model. Apply an endless number of transformations to make sense of your data.

Build rules and act fast

Put your data to work through Sensahub’s highly customisable processing widgets. Use tools like thresholds, operators, conditional branching and time-based aggregates (e.g. Min/Max) to take action on your data automatically.

Maximum flexibility to meet your business need

Built smart IoT applications with no limits.

Drag & Drop Flow Designer

Processing Widgets

Virtual Sensors

JS Extensibility


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