Sensahub IoT Application Platform

Design fast. Deliver benefits sooner.

Create your IoT app from the ground up with endless possibilities.

Create sophisticated user interfaces

Rapidly build working IoT applications with Sensahub’s flexible screen designer. Craft your application as you desire. Create multiple screens and deliver maximum impact with functional, intuitive and mobile-friendly user interfaces that your customers will love.

Build interaction through smart widgets

Say goodbye to static dashboards. Build interactive IoT applications to harness the power of your data. Create smart widgets and buttons and leverage forms and workflows to act on your data automatically, saving your clients time and money.

Enhance through Scripting

Get your applications working harder with everyone’s favourite scripting language: Javascript. Go beyond the basics and develop powerful business logic to solve complex problems and meet varied use cases.

Features to get you up and running fast

Improve your time to market and get IoT applications out the door quicker

Data Stream Connector

Drag & Drop Widgets

Interaction Builder

Mobile-Ready Designs

Javascript Support

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