Sensahub IoT Application Platform

Tailor-made for your use case.

Expand and enhance Sensahub with powerful customisation tools 

Create beautiful user interfaces

Go beyond standard UI widgets. create your own custom dashboard and flow widgets using standard HTML/CSS/JS and add them to the Sensahub toolbox.

Build intelligence into your application

Harness Sensahub’s powerful low-code development environment to build smart IoT applications. Put your data to work by creating simple actions, automations or manual controls that manipulate your sensors, devices or data streams.

Plug into your favourite tools

Have an integration use-case in mind? Build scripts and interact with Sensahub through a broad range of standards and protocols. On top of REST and MQTT, we have turnkey plugins for FTP, SMS, SMTP, Weather Data & Philips Lighting. Ask us what we’ve got… we’ve probably already done it.

Extend our core functionality

Planning on building the next game-changing IoT application? We designed our platform with high extensibility in mind. Want to leverage Azure IoT solutions, or integrate with another cloud vendor? Get in touch today to discuss Sensahub extension opportunities.

Tell us more about your IoT application idea

Get in touch today and simplify your IoT journey.